Award from Karen at My Colonial Home Blog

I have recieved a wonderful award from Karen at "My Colonial Home Blog"

Thank you so much.
I am new at all this blog stuff and am still learning.
But Karen was kind enough to give me an award.

Please stop by her site and tell her Thank You!

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Karen said...

Hi Keri,
What you need to do is choose ONE or ALL of the Awards...
Right click and save the Award then follow the rules....one is name 6 things about yourself and the other is name 7 things you like/love. And then present the Award to others....and just let them know on that they are selected.
Quite easy but it took me so much time to get it going that they built up! lol
Most people get one and send it out again...not me...I PILED THEM UP...lol
I want more people to come to your site...it's really nice.