Contest - Need a name!

Ok gunna make this into a contest!

I am thinking of opening up a new website after the holidays.

It is gunna be a marketplace/mall...

And I need a name for it. It will be for ALL craft websites to advertise and such.

So leave a comment on a suggestion for a name and if I use that name, I will award that person with FREE advertising for 1 year (when I get site up and running).

Have fun!


Wolfie said...

Primitive Country Gatherings

Primitive Country Marketplace

Primitive Gatherings

Sweet Prim

Prim Needfuls and Such


How about any of those???


Gail said...


Creative Country Crafts

Ric Rack and Nick Nacks

Primitive Creations

Craft Mart

Collective Country Creations

...you said one, didn't you?
Sorry, got carried away.

Karen said...

Congratulations - you should do a great business there.

Wish I had a name to suggest but my thinking cap is missplaced...lol

I know it will be catchy though!

Hugs, Karen